It's About the Food

It's About the Food

Fresh, authentic, mexican food.

Odds are, if you grew up in so cal, you most likely grew up eating our food! We're proud to say, we've been feeding so cal residents for a couple decades now and are happy to serve up delicious & authentic mexican food.

Our Vision

We have always had a passion for Mexican food, for its variety in flavor along with that touch of spiciness that makes it so so special and popular. This is when we realized that it was in our hands the power to feed delicious food to wherever we set foot.

Family Owned Business

When this beautiful country opened its doors for us, we decided that with hard work, discipline, and persistence we could make our dreams come true by empowering a traditional business model. It then occurred to us that food was our best alliance in bringing people a little piece of our home country, Mexico.

Our Mission

Our main interest and one that has transcended for over 20 years has been to look out for our customers. Because we like to take care of our customers we use the freshest meats and vegetables to prepare our quality dishes. We thank all of our customers for their preference, and for always supporting us. We hope to bring a taste of Mexico one bite at a time.

God bless